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Who are we?

Malt & Mout

Malt&Mout is a non-profit organisation aiming to develop and spread Belgian beerculture in the most wide sense. Malt&Mout also engages in the defense and promotion of the Belgian beerheritage. To that end, Malt&Mout organises brewery visits, beer tastings and amateur brewingsessions.

Malt&Mout was established by a group of friends who wished to share their passion and knowledge with others. Bringing together beerlovers from the Brussels region and beyond is part of our goal. By organising brewery visits, beer tastings and amateur brewingsessions, we want to promote Belgian beer culture.

Everyone over 18 is welcome to our organisation and our activities. Young or old, beer conoisseur or beer layman, Dutch-speaking or French-speaking or English-speaking, man or woman, it does not matter. What brings us together is our passion for beer.

See our statutes.

Malt & Mout is a member of Zythos: